Remote Patient Monitoring

Our full-service RPM offering targeted towards Medicare beneficiaries helps drive industry leading success. With multiple device types our health coaches will create a custom launch plan for your clinic that meets the needs of your patient population.

Weight Scale
Blood Pressure Cuff

Our RPM service was built to support physicians in bringing this innovative Medicare program to as many of their patients as possible. The service was built by physicians who understand the challenges you face in outpatient medicine. The program has succeeded in bringing industry leading patient satisfaction rates to participating patients.

Full Service

Our RPM service provides devices to your patients at no cost to your clinic. Our health coaches ensure you meet all Medicare requirements without additional burdens on your office staff.

No Risk Billing

Our clinic revenue sharing agreement brings a no risk approach for clinics when launching an RPM program. We only split revenue captured by your clinic. We never charge you for rejected claims.

RPM Portal